Y.A.O.S Writes

Origin Story 

Y.A.O.S. Writes L.L.C. is an independently owned writing and digital marketing service started by independent artist, author, and freelancer Jamaine "Y.A.O.S" Fleming. Mr. Fleming saw a need for other independent artists and business owners, and that need was digital marketing and professional writing; these two skills are often lacking when it comes to converting likes on social media into sales in real life. 
Mr. Fleming went on to gain his Bachelor of Arts in English, Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and Masters Certification in Digital Marketing. He also brings in over 9 years of professional writing experience. He has dedicated his life to using his pen and pad to help inspire people, and he is now doing so. to help others follow their dreams and maintain their goals.
Here at Y.A.O.S Writes LLC, "It is only right that I write for you!"